By  Guest Expert Author: These days, you also consider the concrete coating when you think about the concrete for your Huntsville-Madison home or building. This is only reasonable after seeing the aesthetic and durability results of having coated concrete. Isn't it just nice to look at your concrete floor when it is so nicely textured ad patterned? Walls and countertops can also be significantly improved with the help of concrete coatings. Lifetime Epoxy is one of North Alabama's most trusted names in Industrial and Commercial Epoxy Floor Coatings.With the upward growth of concrete use in households and buildings, it can be deduced that the use for industrial floor coating has increased as well. It's only natural as many now conceive that concrete and coatings come together more nicely than just concrete only. Many people are generally familiar with industrial floor coating. However, some facts have been mixed with some myths about floor coatings. Here are some p…

Alabama Industrial Floors: 6 Major Benefits of Polished Concrete, Epoxy, and Polyurea for Floors

By Lifetime Epoxy Industrial Expert Guest Author: Edward Winslow

When it comes to Industrial space, in Alabama and the Southeast, every aspect of the building matters. Cost, safety, productivity, and performance are all major factors. The factory and warehouse floor must perform on several different levels. Today Polished Concrete, Epoxy, and Polyurea surface treatments are being chosen again and again because they deliver. Let's take a look at the many advantages these concrete floors offer Alabama industry.

Safety - Avoiding workplace hazards should always be a major consideration in Alabama industrial interior design. Polished and technologically advanced floor treatments are designed with non-slip surfaces. Their coefficient of friction levels meet or pass the guidelines suggested by OSHA and maintain these levels even under constant use.

Low Maintenance Costs - All three types of floor treatments clean easy and fast. There's no need for any expensive cleaning solutions…

Alabama Commercial Floor Coatings: Different Applications For Commercial Decorative Floors

Alabama Commercial Decorative Floors

By Guest Author: Patrick OShea Many businesses are now converting practical office space from carpet to concrete. Decorative concrete is a process of turning dull grey carpet into more vibrant, attractive floor. When treated properly, concrete has many more benefits than carpet in high traffic areas. There are many different styles and techniques that can be achieved when converting boring concrete to a more appealing floor.

Carpet may seem like a logical choice when choosing a floor for a business. Although carpet does cut down on noise, it's practicality for high traffic areas are just not up to par. Carpet retains a lot of dust and dirt, making it difficult to keep clean. Carpet must also be replaced every few years due to wear and tear.

By ripping out the carpet and cleaning the concrete underneath it, the floor can become more useful for high traffic areas. The concrete itself will usually need to be cleaned and prepped for the appli…

Alabama Industrial Floor Coatings: Applications For Industrial Coatings

By Guest Author: Robert Fogarty Industrial coatings are used in a wide range of industries for two main purposes: For aesthetics and for protection, with the latter being the most significant. Of the large-scale use of these coatings, approximately 45% that are made around the world are used in construction. In addition to applications for new construction projects, industrial coatings are also used to paint existing structures for maintenance. The types of structures include public buildings, residential buildings, plants, factories, and warehouses.

Industrial applications account for nearly as much of the overall quantity of coatings. These applications are extremely important for increasing the lives of the product and making them marketable. They are often used to control corrosion on products made from steel, concrete or composite materials. Some of the industrial and commercial applications include:

• Warehouse or garage floors that require non-slip coatings

• Metal struct…

Alabama Industrial Coatings and Concrete Polishing Provide Seamless Floors for Your Home or Business

By Expert Guest Author: Brooklyn Mathew

Attention Huntsville and Madison homeowners and business owners. Epoxy floor coating should certainly be considered while constructing your home or renovating the flooring. It provides a seamless environment and there is no chance of any contaminants such as bacteria to multiply. It's ideal for restaurants, food processing areas, industrial settings and of course your homes. Homeowners can select a water-based coating as it less toxic but not so durable. Lifetime Epoxy Floors is a well known and respected provider of epoxy flooring installation for residential, commercial and industrial clients.

Shine Your Concrete Floors

Whether you want to polish your home or office floors, concrete polishing can be done effectively and without spending much money. The procedure can only be carried out by professionals as large machinery is used to do the work. Firstly, the surface is cleaned well and freed of any stains, sealers, paints or chemicals…

Alabama Commercial Epoxy Floors: Top 10 Reasons Epoxy Floors Are the Best for Commercial Use

If you are looking for quality commercial epoxy flooring in Alabama, you can stop looking. Lifetime Epoxy Floors is one of Alabama's most trusted names when it comes to commercial, industrial and residential epoxy floor installation.

By replacing your old tile flooring, you can easily understand how challenging it could be if you are only thinking of this as a walk in the park. As a matter of fact, the conventional surfacing options such as lime stone, marble, etc. are absolutely difficult to maintain. So, instead of using all those stuff boost another idea and concept of terrazzo.

This was actually thought of to generate something, which can easily be modifiable as changing the wall paints. And that specific idea was Epoxy Floors coatings. But if you think that why it is the best for commercial use, then get the idea from the following segment.

1. Strength is an option
This kind of terrazzo is just up to 7 times stronger as well as more durable rather than concrete. It also …

North Alabama Industrial Floor Coatings - What Is The Best Solution?

By Guest Expert Author: John S Primus
Coatings for North Alabama industrial floors are usually designed for use in places with large equipment. These coatings are mainly used in two places: residential garages where trucks and cars are parked, and factories with large machines and high foot traffic. The coatings must be level, durable and impact resistant. Currently there are several industrial floor coating options available to choose from.
Types of Industrial Floor Coatings
This is among the best popular coatings for industrial floors. Industrial epoxies usually cover surfaces which are harder like concrete. They are usually made from plastic based resins that are mixed together so as to make a liquid mixture, which is then spread on the floors and later to dry and form a plastic surface. You may paint the floor and stamp decorative versions on it. However, industrial versions require durable coats which will easily withstand wear.
Hybrid Polymer
Hybrid polymers resemble…